Berezovskiy-Ekaterinburg-Nevyansk (Friday-Sunday)

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Accomodation - hotel "Bolshoi Ural", Trans hotel. Food - Cafes "Riccone" "Bienalle" "Dom Kino" "Demidov" Transport- AvtoTravell Excursions- Guides- Ermoshina Galina Aleksandrovna, "Aurum" Berezovskiy city Insurance - optional, "Renessans" "VSK"
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The private stone-cutting workshop, workshop of cutting the semi-precious stone, Vista point on Business centre "Visokiy"
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Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn, All year round
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Students, Families, Retirees, Pupils, Children of 14 and later, Children, Adults
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Church on blood in the name of All Saints resplendent in the Russian Land in Ekaterinburg, "The gold Museum" in Berezovskiy, The house of Nevyansk icon, Ganina Yama
Гостиница «Маринс Парк Отель», г. Екатеринбург
Berezovsky, Ekaterinburg, Nevyansk
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Without limitations

In 1745 the Old Believer Erofei Markov found in the floodplain of the river Beryzovka a piece of quartz grains with gold. By the beginning of the XIX century on the Berezovsky field have been already operated 64 mines. Moreover, Leo Brusnitsyn had been working on one of them. He was a man who made a revolution in gold mining, applying the direct leaching of gold sands. His gave the beginning of the «gold rush» and by the 850 Russia became the biggest world market's supplier of this precious metal. During the tour you will visit the place where gold was found at first time, the first gold mine, monumetn of the gold discoverer and also you will visit the musium of gold and platinum.

Temple-on-Blood built on the place of the house where Russian emperor Nickolay II and members of his family had spent the last days of their lives. One of the most tragic chapters of Russian history connected with Ekaterinburg. One of the most dreadful and sacrilegious judgement was effectuaded there — execution, or to be precise murder of the last Russian emperor Nikolay II and his family. You will have a chance to see the place where the Ipatievsky house was situated — the last place of royan family living. In the basement of this house Emperor and his family were shooted down. On that place was built vast Temple-on-Blood.

The Monastery «Ganina Yama» is a secret burial place of the royal family. After the butal murder bodies of the Holy Royal Martyrs: Tsar Nikolay, Tsarina Alexandra, Tsarevna Olga, Tatiana, Maria, Anastasia, Tsarevich Alexis and their loyal servants Dr. Botkin, maid Demidova, cook Kharitoniv , were transfered into stow of Chetireh Bratiev. In order to conceal the crime forever, it was decided to dump their remains in one of the abandomed mines in the area of old mining camp near Ganina Yama. 7 acting churhes are situated on the territory of the Monastery and they sybbilize the number of murdered members of royal family: The Church of St.Sergius of Radonezh, The Church of Nicholas Wonderworker, The Church of St. Seraphim Sarovskiy with the subterranean church of icon The Mother of God of «Tender Feeling», The Church of the Holy Royal Martyrs and high cross over Ganina Yama. Every Church has it's own architecture but at the same time the monastery is organic whole.

The landmark of Nevyansk — leaning tower, boult on the initiative of Demidov dynasty. It's a unique monument of industrial architechture which knows no equal in the history of Russian culture.

In the museum «House of Nevyansk icon» the colection of more than 300 samples of Nevyansk iconography is exhibited. In the «Old Hall» you can see the exhibits dating back nearly four centuries. Icons of all styles are exposed here from magnificent icons of famous iconographers to simple folk icon.


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