World Snow Day

The tradition of celebrating the World Snow Day emerged in 2012. Today this is the largest celebrated winter holiday in Sverdlovsk Region. It is held under the auspices of the International Ski Federation in 39 countries at the same time. Traditionally various competitions, “snow” festivals, and ski and snowboard shows take place here. Guests of the Ski Resort will enjoy a diverse programme: alpine and cross-country ski competitions, hockey tournament, snowboard contest, active winter games and competitions.

Gora Belaya Ski Resort, Uralets village, Sverdlovsk Region
162 km from Ekaterinburg R352 highway
Northern bus terminal – routes No. 610b, 640a, 640b, 640e, 708 Ekaterinburg–Nizhniy Tagil.
Then change for bus No.113 from bus terminal to Gora Belaya Ski Resort.
Train No.6449, 7063 Ekaterinburg–Nizhniy Tagil
Gora Belaya Ski Resort,
+ 7 (3435) 46-46-08

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