“To the places of the Bazhov Tales” Sightseeing tour

Convenient, comfortable one-day tour, during which you can not only visit the most popular sights of Ekaterinburg, but enjoy the beauty of the Ural nature and try yourself in the role of the Ural master.

The tour begins with a sightseeing tour of the city of Yekaterinburg with a visit to the main attractions of the city: Plotinki, Church on Blood, Istorchsky Square, the literary district, etc. Then you will be moved to the city of Sysert, which has preserved the features of the old industrial center of the 18th-19th centuries, the birthplace of the famous the Ural writer Pavel Petrovich Bazhov, who was best able to convey the spirit of the factory Urals in an original “fantastic” form. Acquaintance with Sysert includes a guide’s story about a metallurgical plant built on the banks of the Sysert River, a visit to the house-museum of the writer P.P. Bazhov, climbing a mountain, searching for gems or a master class in folk art crafts.

After the tour you will be invited in the museum of local lore on the interactive theatrical program.
After lunch in the city center, your journey will continue in one of the 4 natural parks of the Sverdlovsk region – the Bazhov Places nature park. What walk you will take in the nature park is up to you: either to the Talkov Stone Lake, or maybe it will be participation in the interactive program “To the Mistress of the Copper Mountain” or immersion in an ethnographic theme on the excursion program “THE SHAMAN’s Path”.
Return to Ekaterinburg.

Duration: 8 hours
Included: Excursion program, transport service, food, drinks
Organized: LLC Tsivilyanochka, +7 (343) 383-07-40
Website: civil-ural.ru

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