Guided Tours Around Ekaterinburg with a Visit to Europe-Asia Border

Grab your chance to live though the three centuries of turbulent past and multifaceted present of a city that connects Europe and Asia. Feel the atmosphere of a city where buildings, streets and squares bear the imprint of the most significant events in Russia.

A city tour will introduce you to trademark historical places of Ekaterinburg such as the dam on the Iset River, which gave birth to the Ekaterinburg plant in the 18th century, a monument to the founders of the city — Tatishchev and de Gennin, the chapel of the city patron saint — Saint Catherine.

Duration: 4 hours and longer
Transport services are included in the fee.
Travel Organizers:
Korolevstvo puteshestviy, +7 (343) 377-77-26,
Vedi Tour Group Ural, +7 (343) 222-22-15,
Profservice, +7 (343) 216-51-62,
Magellan, +7 (343) 219-56-99,
Puteshestvennik, +7 (343) 380-26-21,
Tour Ural, +7 (343) 29-80-180,

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