Cultural and educational tour «Legends of the Azov mountain»

Polevskoy – is a place of origin of Bazhovs tales. Azov Mountain is the main place of action.
Azov Mountain is an amazing place, the monument of nature, archeology, history and literature, located in the center of the Ural Mountains.
The best way to get acquainted with the history and nature of our mining land is to leave Ekaterinburg for Polevskoy.
Azov Mountain – is the monument of nature, archeology, history and literature.
There are more than 30 legends about it and that’s why the name of our tour is «The Legends of Azov mountain».
The tour it takes is 3 hours.

Cultural and educational route (ture)

Azov Mountain

Coal charring (uglezhzhenie)

The Origin of Azov Mountain’s toponym

“Chud beloglazaya”

Archaeological treasure

”Chudsky” mines

The first P.P. Bazhov‘s tale _ That Dear Name

Legends about Azovka girl

Azov Mountain Treasures

The Azov Mountain legends by local historian Alexei Nikolaevich Surenkov

A spring of maiden tears

An ancient settlement on the ‘Dumnaya’ Mountain

Dumnaya Mountain

Copper Mountain – Gumyeshki

The historical museum of Polevskoy

Shtangovsky pond. Kozma Frolov

Seversk blast furnace


Download a route map and a booklet with useful information «Legends of the Azov mountain»

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