Culinary tour «From Nyan-to-Pel-Nyan. Nyan–ui out of Nyan–Koor»

Mansi – people living in the north of the Sverdlovsk region. There are less than 250 people left. To get acquainted with the amazing culture of the ancient people, we invite you to the historical and ethnographic park «Land of ancestors».
Understand and accept a different culture, other worldviews are easier and more pleasant through familiarity with traditional or ritual cuisine. In the culinary traditions of Mansi there are no delicious dishes. Basically it’s dishes from fish and meat. They cooked, fried, dried, smoked. From fresh berries sweet pies were made. As a seasoning used juniper and wild onions. Gastronomic tour «From Nyan-to-Pel-Nyan. Nyan-ui out of Nyan-Koor» Land of ancestors allows travelers to plunge into the amazingly interesting history and culture of the Mansi people.
The history of the Urals can and should be tasted!
The tour it takes is 2 hours.

Bread Animals

Culinary Journey

Mansi Village ‘Nyata Paul’

Pelmeni (Dumplings)

Museum of Hunting

Museum of Fishing

Hunters’ Smokery

Birdcatching Snare

‘Slopets’ Traps

Mansi Hunting Dogs’ Kennels Collection

Bear’s Chum

Storage Shed (Sum’yah)

Outdoor Bread Stoves (Nyan-kur)

Reindeer ‘Koral’

Guest Yurt


Download a route map and a booklet with useful information «From Nyan-to-Pel-Nyan. Nyan–ui out of Nyan–Koor»

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