Verkhoturye Christmas Fair

Since the 17th century, Verkhoturye has been the “gate to Siberia” of Russia. There, the Monarch’s customs service was located that passed the goods to the East. Starting from 1972, merchants have rallied up in Verkhoturye every January, and the Christmas Fair opened.

Today’s fair follows the historical image. The guests enjoy theater spectacles, nativity scenes, mall corridors, and games and challenges.

Department of Culture, Tourism, and Youth Policy of Verkhoturye
Sovetskaya Street, 1, Town Square, Verkhoturye, Sverdlovsk Region
+7 (34389) 2-27-56

297 km from Ekaterinburg by highway R352 (Serov Highway)
North Bus Station: Ekaterinburg—Verkhoturye No. 601
Train Ekaterinburg-Verkhoturye No. 337

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