The leaning tower of Demidov, Nevyansk

A monument of industrial architecture with no analogues in the history of Russian culture. The tower of Nevyansk is several storeys tall – floors, which previously housed a laboratory to study the composition of iron in the factory, the factory archive, the treasury office and the prison. Currently, there are museum exhibits. On the second floor there was the office of Akinfiy Demidov. The “auditory room” has been preserved till date. If you stand in one of the corners of the room, you can hear the whispers of people in the opposite corner. In addition, a tower clock of the XVIII century is preserved in the tower of Nevyansk. The chimes were made by the English watchmaker Richard Phelps in the 1730s and were only repaired three times. Now every 15 minutes you can hear the melody “Glory” from the opera “Life for the Tsar”. Another noteworthy element is a metal spire with a weathercock, in which the noble emblem of the Demidovs was imprinted. The spire is grounded. It served as a lightning rod for a quarter of a century before Benjamin Franklin invented the first “lightning rod” in 1752.

3a, Demidov Square, Nevyansk
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