Irbit State Museum of Motorcycles

The Bike Capital of the Urals – Irbit Motorcycle Museum – was opened on June 25, 2004 with a collection of motorcycles of the Irbit Motorcycle Plant, one of the largest motorcycle enterprises in the Soviet era, assembled in the department of the chief designer over a period of 60 years since its opening. The museum not only exhibits not only domestic heavy equipment from the 40s of the 20th century, but also foreign models of the leading motorcycle companies of England, Germany, the USA and Japan over the period 1935-1989. Harley, BMW, Dukati, Honda – you will certainly want to buy a leather jacket, helmet and sunglasses!
The Irbit collection is unique – it reflects the main trends in the development of domestic and world motorcycle construction. And some vehicles have been featured on the big screen!

100 “A”, Sovetskaya St., Irbit
Tel.: +7(34355) 4-26-01.

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