«The alloy at an early Chusovaya, Middle Ural»

The Chusovaya river is one of the largest rivers in the Urals, all over has a unique combination of natural complex. It is the only river that crosses two continents Asia and Europe. Here you can study the history of the Urals and enjoy nature. We offer you to make a spring rafting, as at this time on the river the maximum spring flood, so the speed of its flow is higher than summer. This attracts seasoned tourists and beginners who want to get the most out of the alloy. Chusovaya is the most famous and picturesque river of The middle Urals. This is the only river in the world, flowing on both sides of the world, it takes its origins in Asia on the Eastern slope of the Ural mountains, crosses them and ends its way, on the Western spurs of the Ural ridge flowing into the Kama, already in Europe. You will be able to admire the fabulous beauty that give the river limestone and dolomite giants — «STONES». Rocks on Chusovaya called Stones, the average course of about two hundred. The stones rise above the water and stretch along the shore from 30 meters to 1.5 kilometers. In some rocks there are caves. All this You can see for 5 days of rafting, as well as rock climbing, try what a Hiking bath and for the most courageous swimming in the river!

Included in the tour: accident Insurance «Insurance company Ekaterinburg» equipment rental (catamarans, oars, saved.vests, spec. removal for insurance on the water, helmets, climbing equipment, tourist tents, mats, sleeping bags, folding chairs, pots, fire equipment, tent from the rain, first aid kit, REM. set); services of guides

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