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The dam of the city pond in Ekaterinburg, Church on blood in the name of All Saints resplendent in the Russian Land in Ekaterinburg, Central post office in Ekaterinburg, The Ekaterinburg city administration, The printing house in Ekaterinburg, Дома Коробковых, г. Екатеринбург, Water tower in Ekaterinburg, Вознесенская церковь, г. Екатеринбург, The Ekaterinburg state academic Opera and ballet theatre
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Red Line Ekaterinburg - it hiking trails through the historic center of Yekaterinburg, designated a special marking on the pavement. 6.5 km length of the route, the route closed (walking around it, you will return to the starting point), the most interesting sights marked on the Red Line special numbers - only 35 objects in different "weight categories" - from monuments and merchant estates to whole streets and areas. Red Line Yekaterinburg - is international project, conceived and implemented by the townspeople. First topic of creating damage to the asphalt route tips for self-exploring the city was expressed in the blog Dmitry Kalaeva in October 2010, and not in a dreamy form of "here it would be nice if ..." and just "let's do it!". Virtual public vividly responded to the call, and the process went - to discuss future lines have created a separate blog, and started the whole world to choose city attractions worthy of a separate mark on the Red Line. Bloggers were invited seven decades of interest that fall into the square street lunacharskogo CHelyuskincev Malyshev and Hohriakova (to route left foot). In February 2011, the project has stepped from the pages of LiveJournal and got its own website. Pre-selected attractions were presented to the public, and the site began voting for the most-interesting ones. Internet voting started April 1, 2011, but it has turned very serious: it is attended by more than 11,000 citizens. Joint efforts of 35 sites were selected for future Red Line. The result had been "the most Yekaterinburg": There are the oldest building of the city and most of its zero point is the first high school and the very first theater, the most legendary mansions and most interesting museums, monuments and the most creative busiest streets. In May 2011, a new route has been agreed with the city administration. The required amount of 600 kg of red paint for the first drawing of the route highlighted the company "Penetron." June 18, 2011 in Yekaterinburg appeared Red Line. Now this day is celebrated annually as the birthday of the red line. Red Line immediately became a favorite of Yekaterinburg and guests. During 2012, the city comprehended and mastered their new attraction. In May 2012, the Red Line for the first time participated in the "Night of Museums", evening tours so hiking trail collected more than a thousand people. In June of the same year, the townspeople celebrate the birthday of the Red Line - it has also become an annual tradition emerging. In July, the Red Line project in Yekaterinburg for the first time exhibited at Innoprome - nonresident exhibitors tried on the idea of ​​the Red Line for their cities, and with the townspeople vperegonki stocked with booklets card Red Line, bought the book - the first guide books (ibid. Innoprome passed on their presentation). September 29, 2012 Godea successfully passed the first urban pedestrian quest for the Red Line of Yekaterinburg in support of Encounter. It was agreed that such a quest, like massive tour the Museum Night will be an annual event.


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