"Holzan" Center for monitoring and rehabilitation of birds of prey

Sverdlovskaya oblast, Sysert rayon, village Kashino.
+7 (34374) 6-36-29

"Holzan" is the only Russian captive complex of Centre on monitoring and rehabilitation of birds of prey. It is located in the forest zone of the village Kashino, Sysert district. In the center contains a large number of unique birds of prey (Goshawk, Sparrowhawk, saker falcon, Sparrowhawk Buzzard, steppe eagle, white-tailed eagle, peregrine Falcon, hobby falcon and other), including birds, listed in the International Red List. Here you can observe the behavior of prey birds and the process of their transformation into hunting birds. Everyone can take part in the Royal fun - falconry. To enter the nursery will add the impression horse ride on horseback through the picturesque forest, accompanied with Russian greyhounds. Archery will give the opportunity to immerse yourselves in the atmosphere of old Russian hunting. Souvenirs and pictures with a Falcon on your arm, will leave an unforgettable impression not only in memory.


How to get: By Chelyabinsk highway before the post GAI turn on Sysert, go along the main road of village Kashino to Stella "Sova", turn left and drive to the base "Sova"


Working hours: 10.00-19.00


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