Nature park «Oleni Ruchi»

"Oleni Ruchi" is the most popular nature park in the Sverdlovsk region. In a year it is visited by over 50 thousand people. Tourists are attracted by beautiful forests, clear river Serga, numerous picturesque cliffs, grottoes and caves. Also, the river Serga is perfect for rafting for two or three days.

The angel of the Single hope of rock Utoplennik
The first such sculpture erected in Russia. According to the plan of the Swedish artist Lena Edwall, figures of the seven Angels which are installed in different parts of the world, will embrace the planet, will protect it from fear, despair, disasters.
Sculpture of an angel overgrown by beliefs and superstitions among tourists. It is believed that the hidden wishes surely come to pass.

Rock Dirovatiy Kamen
It's the most famous rocks in the Park since olden times. The river Serga has carved out in the rock the hole of a large enough size that's why the rock got its name. Recently the staff of the Park held a kind of rebranding and nicknamed the rock Drinking Horse.

Rock Pisanitsa
Rock on the banks of the river Serga, which at a height of more than 3 m above the water level caused to the rock drawings of the stone age. One of the drawings depicting deer, became the official symbol of the natural Park. In addition, the rock is interesting for curious cave.

Cave Druzhba
Was first described in 1886 by V. Baranovskiy - local doctor from the village near Nizhneserginskiy plant. He also was awarded the cave such name — after the inscription at the entrance.

Druzhba is one of the largest caves in the territory of Sverdlovsk region. The total length of all of its cells is approximately 500 metres. Despite this title, the cave looks very not friendly. At any time of the year it is cold and dark. Easily accessible part of the cave is only a few tens of meters. Next passage is blocked leaving a few meters down the abyss at the bottom of which is flowing a stream. Here you need to be careful.

Bolshoi Proval
Bolshoi Proval is not far from the cave Druzhba. It was formed as a result of a collapse of a huge arch caves. At the bottom ofthe cave ice lies all the summer. The depth of the Proval of more than 30 meters.

Mitsinskie lakes and mine

Preserved mine of the turn of XVIII - XIX centuries is a Museum under the open sky , where you can see fragments of equipment for mining and processing of iron ore. Nearby there is a real beaver dam

"Oneni Ruchi" is a favorite weekend destination of the inhabitants of Ekaterinburg and the Urals.

The Park has a walking trail 6 km in length (Small ring), 15 km (Big ring), 18 km ( with visiting of Medinskiy's mine).


How to get: 115 km from Ekaterinburg - on the highway P242, after traffic policy post about druzhinino after 3 km turn right at the sign the Nizhnie Sergi, then in the direction of Mikhailovsk, Artie about 40 km before turning on "Nature Park "Oleni Ruchi"(2 km after the village Polovinka), by the asphalt road about 2 km to the checkpoint Park (named Bazhukovo, ul. Stantsionnaya, 1, tel: 8-904-17-255-65)

Office Park in Ekaterinburg: Ul. Rosa Luxemburg, 67B, office 7, tel: (343) 251-67-73, 8-908-909-32-35

Daily, from Ekaterinburg (South bus station) routes to, Mikhailovsk, and village Artie scheduled to station "Turn on "Oleni Ruchi". Then 2 km walk to the Park entrance.

Additionally, from June to September, on Saturdays-Sundays, a bus runs out from Ekaterinburg (departure at 8.00 from the cash Desk of the circus, ul. 8 Marta, 43) to the village Bazhukovo and back (Central manor Park, departure at 18.00 ). The journey takes about 2.5 hours

Where to stay: in the Park -there are new administrative and tourist complex, cordons "Yeger", "Noviy", "Lesnoy olen"

Where to dine: the cafe "Lesnaya kuhnya" (opposite the administration building, 8-908-909-32-35)


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