The Ensemble Of Kremlin in Verhoturye

Sverdlovskaya oblast,Verkhoturye, ul. Sovetskaya, 1-8
+7 (34389) 2-24-21; 2-21-70

The ensemble includes 5 monuments that have saved to the present day (the Holy Trinity Cathedral, with two Kremlin gates, House of commander, Decrees chambers, the granary barns, Provincial Treasury). The first buildings of the Kremlin built in 1598, when a 25-meter rocky coast of Tura raised a number of huts. On the other hand buildings protected by a double row of logs with the earth. The fortress was extended and rebuilt, but in 1700 completely burned. After the stone buildings began to build, but as the fortress had no military value, new walls surrounded only the house of commander and outbuildings. The wooden Trinity Church was erected, barns for Treasury and " Gostiny Dvor". Exceptionally beautiful is Trinity Cathedral. The bell tower of Trinity Cathedral in the Kremlin can be accessed for a small fee and look at the whole city, to make beautiful pictures. With the Kremlin offers panoramic views of the river Tura and the city (private sector).

How to get: distance from Ekaterinburg to Verkhoturye is 300 km

By bus № 601 North bus station, journey time of 4.5 hours.

By train №337E, 343E Ekaterinburg-Priobye, to the station of Verkhoturye. Journey time of 5.5 - 6.5 hours.


Мы съездили в выходные в Верхотурье из Челябинска. Церковн. монастырь и соборы вызвали замечательные чувства - это, я думаю, вполне естественно из-...
Самый маленький, но от этого не менее значимый кремль в России. Достоинства: Красиво, познавательно, интересно. Недостатки: Жаль, разрушенного в ...
Исключительно красивый Троицкий собор. Само Верхотурье - совершенно уникальный город, где нет ни одного каменного жилого дома. Верхотурье наших дне...

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