Wood art

Wood carving


Starting from the 17th century, carpentry was well known in the Ural.

The Ural houses were decorated with carved platbands (traditional Russian window carvings), balusters, “crackers” on cornices, which were made by village craftsmen.

In the city, there are workshops offering custom carved furniture, wooden icons, and skilled wooden decorations (for example, the Ekaterinburg woodworking workshop by P.I. Lipatov, which opened in 1894 in the Polevskoy town).

Since 1944, in the Sysert district, there has been the Bobrovsky Specialized school of Art Crafts (now a branch of the Ural College of Construction, Architecture and Entrepreneurship), which prepares masters of wood artwork, whose students and graduates create art panels and household utensils using the technique of sculptural, sawing carving.

Individual craftsmen are also engaged in handicraft production –  Gurin Alexander Vyacheslavovich, Novouralsk town, Likhoded Andrey Ilyich, Ekaterinburg city, Kuznetsov Vladimir Gennadievich,  town and others.

Wood painting

Along with wooden carvings in the Urals, there was another unique way of decorating a home – the Ural-Siberian painting, which adorned the walls, doors and ceilings of peasant houses, as well as wooden furniture, spinning wheels, rollers, rocker arms, wooden buckets, birch bark basket (tues, tuesok). A wonderful collection of Ural-Siberian painting has been collected in the Nizhny Sinyachikhinsky Museum-Reserve of the wooden architecture on the territory of the Alapaevsky District of the Sverdlovsk Region.

Since 1960, in the town of Turinsk there was a children’s toy factory that produced wooden toys with hand-painted. Unfortunately, in 1993 there was a fire at the factory, after which all attempts to restore production were unsuccessful. Although today there are several masters from Turinsk: A.S. Menovshchikov, G.I. Tumanova, L.A. Neimysheva, N.N. Nifontova, V.A. Perevalova, L.V. Zakharova and others – do not lose hope of the revival of their local traditional craft and make wooden toys at home, decorating them with hand-painted Ural-Siberian paintings.


Birchbark crafts

Products from birch bark have long been in the usage of the inhabitants of the Urals. One of the most famous crafts associated with birch bark in our region has been the production of birch bark baskets (tues, tuesok).

On the territory of the present Sverdlovsk region, “tueses” were made mainly in Nizhny Tagil, where in the 19th century there was a whole artel for their manufacture, as well as in its environs, in Nizhny Salda and in the villages located along the Prokopyevskaya Salda river.

For the Ural “tueses”, the braid on the upper edge was not popular, as was the decoration with slotted birch bark. Of the decorative methods of processing birch bark in the Urals, only embossing was used, which was arranged around the circumference along the upper and lower edges of the “tueses”, sometimes along the perimeter of the lid. Embossing was well combined with the Ural-Siberian painting, the main way to decorate birch bark “tueses” in the Urals.

Today in the Urals, interest in working traditions and experiments with this material is reviving.
Unique birch bark utensils are created by the talented masters: Korotchenya S. A., Sergina E. I., (Nizhny Tagil), Leontieva V. A., (Kamensk-Uralsky), Gurina A. V., Gurin A. V., (Novouralsk) and others.


Russian traditional vine weaving (Basket weaving)


Wood, birch bark, vine and other materials of natural origin today, as in ancient times, continue to attract with their accessibility, ease of processing and ample opportunities to realize creative imagination. Carefully preserving and revealing the natural qualities of these materials, Ural craftsmen improve their skills, creating unique works.


To contact the masters and obtain detailed information about the products, you can contact the department of folk art crafts of the Center for the Development of Tourism of the Sverdlovsk Region,
tel .: +7 (343) 377-67-10 (116)

Product photos provided by:
Works of students of the Ural College of Construction, Architecture and Entrepreneurship (Bobrovsky branch), pos. Bobrovsky;
The work of the master A.I. Likhodeda, Ekaterinburg;
Matryoshka V.A. Perevalova, Turinsk (photo from nashural.ru);
Birch-bark tues of Korotcheni S.A. (photo from liveinternet.ru);
Egorshinsky vine (photo from loza-egorshino.ru)

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