The Year of Bazhov. Routes

“Ural tales of the Ural land”

10 days / 9 nights (Bus)

The interregional route passes on the territory of the Sverdlovsk, Chelyabinsk, and Orenburg regions. On the route tourists visit: Ekaterinburg – Polevskoy – Nizhny Ufaley – Zlatoust – Miass – Ufa – Sterlitamak – Orenburg – Saraktash – Magnitogorsk – Chelyabinsk – Ekaterinburg.
Ring route to which, you every day get acquainted with the new corner of the Urals. During the tour, tourists visit 12 museums, visit 23 excursions, see the most beautiful Ural ranges, climb the chairlift uphill, take a water trip to one of the largest Ural reservoirs.

Accommodation based on hotels 3-4 *
Organizer: ProfServis


Historical and Ethnographic Excursion to the Places of Skazov by P. P. Bazhov (Polevskoy and Verkhniy Ufaley)

Excursion – 11 hours (bus + walking)

Bus tour with a visit to the birthplace of P. P. Bazhov in the town of Polevskoy, a tour of the masterpiece of industrial architecture of the Urals museum complex “Severskaya domna”. A visit to the concert-concert “Bashkir traditions in our days” with the participation of a folklore ensemble in the town of Verkhniy Ufaley. Excursion to the local history museum with a visit to the exhibition of the writer Pavel Severny. Visiting Kasli and acquaintance with the Ural art casting.

Organizer: ProfServis


“Legends of the Talkova Kol’tsa”

Excursion – 6 hours (bus + walking)

Informative – an entertaining excursion to the homeland of P. P. Bazhov with a visit to the natural park “Bazhovskie Mesta” Tal’kov Kamen.

The natural park “Bazhovsky Places” is a kind of open-air museum, which has preserved amazingly charming, untouched by natural civilizations monuments.

“Tal’kov Kamen'” – a monument of nature of the Sverdlovsk region. This is not a real lake, but an old talc mine, abandoned and flooded by groundwater. In 1843, talcum powder began to be taken in this place, and 80 years later the quarry was finally abandoned. Gradually, he was filled with water and turned into a pond. The depth of the lake is 32 meters, the height of the surrounding rocks is 27 meters.

The route passes through the territory of the natural park “Bazhovskie Mesta”
The length of the hiking trail is 2 km.

Organizer: Ural Tourist Center “UVA”


“Bazhovsky skazov wonderful places” (Polevskoy)

Excursion – 6 hours (bus + walking)

The tour will acquaint you with the most beautiful parts of the Urals, related to the content of the tales; old Ural factories and settlements – Polevskoy, Kosoy Brod, Zyuzelka, Marmara and others.

The program: travel information on places Bazhovsky tales, Dumna Gora – a literary and folklore monument, local history museum Polevskoy – Bazhovsky Hall. Additionally, it is possible to visit the museum complex “Seversky blast furnace”, where the blast furnace of the mid-19th century was preserved – the only one in Europe (for extra charge).

Organizer: Ural Tourist Center “UVA”


“In the Land of Bazhovsky Skazov”

Tour for 2 days / 1 night (bus, 50 km)

Sightseeing tour of Ekaterinburg + Bus tour in Polevskoy – home of the Skazov of P. P. Bazhov.

Organizer: Ural Tourist Center “UVA”


“Kamenny tsvetok”

Excursion – 2 hours (walking)

The tour takes place on the territory of the “Park Skazov” in Aramil

Tourists will get acquainted with the Khozyaykoy Mednoy Gory and solve the secrets of her cave, visit the Dom Danily-Mastera, in which tourists will have a theatrical performance based on the stories of Bazhov, making a souvenir made of stone with their own hands, as well as getting acquainted with the unique collection of stones of the Khozyayka Mednoy Gory.

The program includes: the work of 2 artists, a visit to the Peshchera Khozyayki Mednoy Gory, Dom Danily-Mastera, a master class in making a souvenir from stones, a mini-performance.

Organizer: “TourExpoService Ural”


“Skazy Bazhova”

Tour for 2 days / 1 night (bus)

Bus tour of Ekaterinburg with a visit to the Park Skazov and “Dubrava”.

1 day. The route begins with a sightseeing tour of Ekaterinburg, which introduces the historical center of the city. A visit to the memorial house-museum of P. P. Bazhov and the observation deck of the Vysotsky business center, located on the 52nd floor of a skyscraper.

2 day. A visit to Park Skazov, the first theme park in the Urals dedicated to the fairy tales of Bazhov, a Russian fairy tale and traditional Ural folk culture. Further. The most interesting excursion on the territory of “Dubrava”, acquaintance with reindeers, horses and Huskies.

Organizer: “TourExpoService Ural”


“Legends of the semi-precious Ural”

Excursion (pedestrian)

The tour takes place on the territory of the “Park Skazov” in Aramil

At the gates of the “Park Skazov” tourists are met by the characters Ilyukha from the tale “Sinyushkin Kolodets”. He will tell about the Ural writer and invite him to visit the Khozyayka Mednoy Gory together with him. Tourists will visit the mysterious cave, where the Khozyayka will give guests a test. After passing through the Cave, the path to the Path of Tales will open, where tourists will experience themselves in agility and ingenuity, then they will visit the Dom of Danila-Master, where they will have a theatrical performance on Bazhov’s tales, making a souvenir from gems and getting acquainted with a collection of stones.

The program ends at Podvor’e babushki Niny, where she is waiting for tea with cakes and getting acquainted with the Urals life.

The program includes: the entrance to the Park Skazkov, the work of 3 artists, a story about P. P. Bazhov, about the Urals life, a visit to the Copper of the Khozyayka Mednoy Gory, Ural Paths of the Tales, the Dom of Danila-Master, a master class on making a souvenir from stones, a mini – a performance, a visit to the Podvor’ya babushki Niny, a tea party with cakes.

Organizer: “TourExpoService Ural”


“Secrets of the Khozyayki Mednoy Gory”

Excursion – 2 hours (walking)

The tour takes place on the territory of the “Park Skazkov” in Aramil

Mysterious program with quest elements. Suitable for a romantic walk, family vacation with older children.

Tourists at the gates of the Park of Skazhes are greeted by a fabulous character and suggest to visit the Khozyayka Mednoy Gory.

In the “Teremnom Dvortse” Ural Moroz, tourists are waiting for a tricky task. Next, the tourists will follow the fabulous trails to the Hut of Baba Yaga and the House of Leshy.

At the fabulous huts you perform active tasks from the characters of the park.
The program includes: Work of 3 artists, outdoor games on the street, a visit to the Cave of the Mistress of Copper Mountain, the hut of Baba Yaga, the House of Leshego, the Teremny Palace Ural Moroz, a master class.

Organizer: “TourExpoService Ural”


“Bazhov places”

Excursion – 7-8 hours (bus)

Ekaterinburg – Sysert – natural park “Bazhovskie Places” – Ekaterinburg.

Visiting the natural park and a large number of unique objects of the history of nature and culture, including: the rock and the lake “Talcov Kamen'”, the cliffs “Markov Kamen'”, the ruins of an old ironworks, crystal mines, the mountain “Ivanushkina”, ancient quarries for the extraction of iron ore, Quarry system “Mochalovsky razrezy”, and many other interesting places.

Organizer: “Korolevstvo puteshestviy”


“To the homeland of Bazhov P.P.” (Sysert)

Excursion – 6-7 hours (bus)

Ekaterinburg – Sysert – Manor-Museum of Bazhov P.P. – Porcelain Factory – Ekaterinburg

Sysert – the birthplace of the famous Ural writer P. P. Bazhov. Visit the museum-estate of P. P. Bazhov, in which the family life is represented. Additionally, visit Sysert Porcelain Factory, which since ancient times is famous for its master artists who create unique products from porcelain.

Organizer: “Korolevstvo puteshestviy”


“According to the tales of Bazhov P.P.” (costume tour)

Excursion – 7 hours (bus)

Ekaterinburg – Sysert Natural Park “Bazhovskie Mesta” – Ekaterinburg

This is a thematic tour, where fairy-tale heroes will introduce you to the traditions and life of the times of Pavel Petrovich Bazhov, as well as get you involved in the games that our grandmothers and grandfathers played in childhood.

Organizer: “Korolevstvo puteshestviy”


“Legends of the Azov-mountains” (Bazhov P. P. Tales)

Excursion – 8-9 hours (bus)

Ekaterinburg – Polevskoy Mountain Azov – Ekaterinburg

About Azov woe wrote P. P. Bazhov. The route passes through the places of the tales – Dumna Gora, where grandpa Slyshko, Big and Small Azov with his legends, caves, where the girl’s Azovka treasures guard told their stories. Photo session at the highest point of the Azov Mountain,

The rocky peak of Mount Azov rises to 589 m above sea level and from the summit offers a beautiful view of the town of Polevskoy and its surroundings.

Organizer: “Korolevstvo puteshestviy”


“Vesyolaya Bazhovnitsa” (Pancake week program)

Excursion – 4 hours (bus)

Ekaterinburg – “Park Skazov” Aramil

On the path of the Park Skazov, guests will be given tasks for team building, dexterity and ingenuity. After the guests will go to the cave of the Khozyayka Mednoy Gory. If they solve her riddles, they will learn how to make the spring come as soon as possible. And after that they will go to the warm hut of Danila-Master. They will hold a theatrical rite of wire Shrovetide, but the Ural stones look! Street festivals and fun, as it was in the old days, and burning stuffed!

The price includes: transfer by tourist class bus, entrance tickets to Park Skazov, group services, escort services, street festivals with games and fun, a visit to the Peshchery of the Khozyayka Mednoy Gory, Ural paths of the fairy tale, the Dom of Danila-Master, a mini-performance, burning stuffed Pancake week tea with pancakes.

Organizer: “Korolevstvo puteshestviy”

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