The Year of Bazhov. Creative contests

I quarter of 2019

Creative competition “Secrets of the malachite box”

Irbit State Museum of Fine Arts, Museum of engraving and drawing

City exhibition-competition of children’s creativity “Old mountains present …” dedicated to the 140th anniversary of the birth of P. P. Bazhov

Children’s art school

Competition sketches art object “A place for contemplation: Beard Bazhova”

Children’s art school

Ural Day of Tales

Aramil village
Park Skazov


I – II quarters of 2019

Competition and exhibition of works by students of the art department of the Children’s Art School. P. I. Tchaikovsky, the city of Alapayevsk, dedicated to the works of P. P. Bazhov

House-Museum of P. I. Tchaikovsky


III – IV quarters of 2019

Online contest of young media volunteers “Ognevushka-poskakushka”



March 2019

City competition of illustrations of children’s literary works based on the creations of P. P. Bazhov

Center for the Development of creativity to them. N. E. Bobrova

City competition dedicated to the 140th anniversary of the birth of P. P. Bazhov, in the framework of the 69th city exhibition of technical and decorative-applied art of children and young people

Nizhny Tagil


April – May 2019

Competition of educational works (essays, video presentations) on the theme “Illustrations to the works of P. P. Bazhov in the works of Ural artists”

Sverdlovsk Art College. I.D. Shadra


April – June 2019

VIII children’s and youthful competition of jewelry and stone-cutting skill “The heirs of Danila-master”

Ekaterinburg Museum of Fine Arts


April – October 2019

Regional contest “Unknown Ural-2019” (nomination “Zhivinka v dele”)

Sverdlovsk Regional Universal Scientific Library. V.G. Belinsky


May – October 2019

III open competition of book trailers “Read. Think. Create “(nomination:” Works of P. P. Bazhov “)

Innovative Cultural Center


October 2019

Competition for decorative and applied art “Skazy Bazhova” in the framework of the festival of amateur art for preschoolers “I, you, he, she”

Center of Culture and Leisure


November 2019

IV Open Competition of Small Forms of Theater Art “Mimicry-2019” (nomination dedicated to the works of P. P. Bazhov)

Palace of Culture. V.K. Kostevich


During 2019

Creative competitions of drawings, poems, essays based on the works of P. P. Bazhov among students of regional government institutions of social services for families and children

Municipalities located in the Sverdlovsk region


Detailed information on events within the framework of the Year of Bazhov is posted on the website of the Ministry of Culture of the Sverdlovsk Region:

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