Opening of the winter ski season

The annual winter ski season opening event «Gora Belaya» ski resort. One of the main activities of the event is a traditional alpine skiing competition on a DIY sleigh – «Sani Day». Traditionally in the program of the holiday: performances of creative groups, humor games, dance workshops, competitions and draws.

Sverdlovsk region, Prigorodny district, pos. Uralets, «Gora Belaya» ski resort

162 km from Yekaterinburg along the highway Serovskiy Trakt and P352
Get on their own – Ekaterinburg – Nizhny Tagil  bus on routes No. 610B, 640A, 640B, 640E, 708. Then by bus No. 113 from Nizhny Tagil from the bus station
Ekaterinburg – Nizhny Tagil suburban electric train № 6449, № 7063 

«Gora Belaya» ski resort,
+ 7 (343) 546-46-09

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