The Sverdlovsk Regional Museum of Local Lore

The Sverdlovsk Regional Museum is the biggest museum association in Ural. It was founded in 1871 by the Ural Natural Science Enthusiasts Society’s members. Today, the Museum consists of 8 exposition premises in Ekaterinburg and 10 museums in Sverdlovsk region. The collection of 732 000 artifacts includes the famous Shigir Idol, the oldest known wooden sculpture in the world. The Museum conducts 130 static and 125 touring exhibitions every year. Every day a viewer can visit one of 80 open expositions.

The main venues:

“The Poklyovskikh-Kozell House” Museum and Exhibition Centre

Ekaterinburg, 46 Malysheva street

+7 (343) 376-47-62, +7 (343) 376-47-93

The Museum of Ural History and Archeology

Ekaterinburg, 69/10 Lenina Avenue

+7 (343) 350-67-75

The working hours of each venue are different, please consult the web-site before planning your trip.

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