“Potters and Architects” Guided Tour

Try to master the subtleties of the skill of the hereditary Ural potters and do clay things with your own hands, unravel the secrets of the Demidovs and admire the open spaces that opens from the heights of the Nevyansk inclined tower!

The excursion starts in Ekaterinburg.
In the morning, you will visit the Maslikov’s Pottery workshops.

The workshop of Sergei Maslikov in the village of Nizhny Tavolgi, the real old pottery workshop in a log “Izba” with hewn floors and benches, is open to guests. It seems that nothing here has changed for a hundred years, so as not to frighten away some secret. When you touch the cool soft clay, this secret will be revealed to you: the ease with which the master works is deceiving, you can’t learn anything easily, it takes years of work and love for one’s work, brought up in generations. A master class in a pottery wheel will not leave anyone cold to this craft.

In the afternoon you will visit the Nevyansk State Museum of History and Architecture.
Demidovs. This surname is inextricably associated with the Urals.
You will discover the history of the Demidov mining empire. Russian immigrants broke the existing life of the indigenous people of Nevyansk land – Mansi and Bashkirs – and established their own way of life of the working people at the ironworks. The plant – that is the original meaning of life and the mission of the Urals.

The symbol of the strength of the Demidov clan, according to the plan of Akinfiy Demidov, was to become the Nevyansk tower. Despite the various legends that surround the Tower, it is incredibly beautiful. This is the main reason you should be here. And the inclination, which, according to legend, arose from the severity of Akinphius sins, only adds to her charm. There is another reason to get to know the Tower. Nevyansk is a small city, the main events in his life happened under the Demidovs, so the view of the city from the upper tiers of the tower opens up as it was a hundred years ago, and modernity has not spoiled the city landscape. Breathe the air of centuries.

Finally, the third reason. Many compare it with the famous leaning tower in the Italian city of Pisa. But the Nevyansk tower has a number of features. Which ones can only be found during the tour. There are about a dozen wonders in the Tower itself, the reality of which is hard to believe.

Duration: 9 hours
Included: Excursion program, transport service
Meals: lunch, 1 lunch on the way, drinks

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