“Imperial route” (1 day)

Tour duration: 1 day
Settlements through which the route passes: Ekaterinburg

Arrival in Ekaterinburg, independent transfer to the hotel
08:30-10:00 – meeting with the guide
10:00-10:30 – Transfer To the Museum of history and archeology of the Urals (69/10, Lenina street).
10:30-11:10 – a Brief overview of the Romanov memorial Hall, accompanied by a Museum employee.
Hall of memory of the Romanovs opened in 2006, Its exhibition tells about the Romanov dynasty on the Russian throne, Russia in the era of the reign of Nicholas II, the tragic events of 17 July, 1918 and secret burial of the remains of the Royal family. The Romanov memorial hall has unique exhibits of undoubted interest: an icon depicting the first king of the dynasty; a cast-iron fireplace of Kasli casting and a window grate from the “firing” room, as well as other decor and interior items of the house of engineer Ipatiev; a Mauser pistol belonging to the participant of the murder of Romanovs p. Z. Ermakova; portrait of Princess Hesse-Cassel Louise, great-grandmother of Nicholas II, from the office of Alexander III in the Anichkov Palace. The exhibition also tells the story of the discovery of the remains and the investigation into the murder of the last Romanovs in the Urals, which lasted more than 100 years.
11:10-11:20 – Moving to Royal street
11:20-12:00 – visit to the Church-on-Blood
The Church-on-Blood in the name of all saints, in the land of the Russian brightened, was built on the site of the house of engineer Ipatiev, in which the last Russian Emperor Nicholas II, his family and four servants were detained and shot on the night of July 17, 1918. The consecration of the Church took place on July 16, 2003.
12:00-12:50 – Visit to the Museum of spiritual and educational center “Royal”.
The basis of the collection of The Museum of the Holy Royal Family are items related to the Royal Family of Emperor Nicholas II. These are unique documents of The state Archive of the Russian Federation, shrines and relics belonging to the Royal Family and their faithful servants collected from around the world. The most interesting of them can be seen in the permanent exhibition, operating in the center “Royal”. The permanent exhibition is periodically updated from the Museum Fund.
12:50-13:40 – Transfer to the monastery Of the Holy Royal passion-Bearers in the tract “Ganina Yama”. On the way a short sightseeing tour of Ekaterinburg (in the course of the bus).
13:40-14:20 – Lunch in the refectory of the monastery.
14:20-15:50 – tour of the monastery with a visit to the Museum. In the monastery there is a souvenir shop, where porcelain products made at the Sysert porcelain factory are presented.
15:50-16:30 – Departure Ganina Yama – Ekaterinburg.
16:30-17:20 – visit of the Novo-Tikhvin female monastery.

During the stay of the Royal Family in the Ipatiev house, the sisters of the St. Tikhvin monastery carried them food. According to the oral testimony of one of the novices of the new Tikhvin monastery, a few years later nuns Maria and Antonina were shot for the help they provided to the August family.
Visit the workshop of embroiderers, where the sisters are sewing obedience.

17:20-17:30 – transfer to the historical multimedia centre “Russia – my history»

17:30-18:30 – Excursion to one of the halls of the multimedia historical center “Russia – my history” – Romanov hall.

The cost of the TOUR for 1 person:
4785 rubles – group of 10 people + 1 free
3710 rubles – group of 15 people + 1 free
3400 rubles – group of 20 people + 1 free
2780 rubles – group of 30 people + 1 free

The LIST of SERVICES included in the tour price:
– meals according to the program (lunch)
– transport service (9 hours)
– guide service (9 hours)
– entrance tickets to museums, Museum complexes according to the program

Tour operator:

– LLC “Ekaterinburg BMT “Sputnik”, RTO 014962, sputnik-ekb.ru
Ekaterina Volkova, Director, +7 (922) 198-12-86, volkova.e@sputnik-ekb.ru

– LLC “Kingdom of travel”, VNT 011287 , kingtur.ru, Mironova Olga, Director, +7 (312) 286-17-44, info@kingtur.ru

-LLC “Civiliance”, цивиляночка.рф, Nazimok Evgeny Viktorovich, Director, +7 (343) 310-30-60, info@civil-ural.ru

– LLC tourist center “Yuva”, MW 006815, uva-tour.com, Shekhovtsova Irina Gennadyevna, Director, +7 (343) 345-67-05, uva-tour@mail.ru

– LLC “Prof Service”, MW 000074, rusgo.ru, Buchinskaya Natalia, Director, +7 (982) 717-06-76, info@rusgo.ru

– LLC Tour Operator RT Plus, RTO 021117, rt.plus, Galina Tereshchenko, director, +7 (922) 22-100-70, sales@rt.plus

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