“Folk crafts of the Urals”

Ural has always been rich in talent. Where and how to join the art of the masters, acquire new knowledge and skills, and even create something extraordinary with our own hands, let us tell you today!
On the first day of the tour, you will have a thematic tour of Ural folklore, with a visit to the “Gamayun” Folk Art Center, working with masters of decorative and applied art and non-professional painters and graphic artists of the region or the Center for Traditional Folk Culture of the Middle Urals, created to preserve, create and the spread of artistic folk crafts and crafts, traditional folk culture in its manifestations such as folklore, customs and rituals, languages, dialects and dialects, historical toponyms.
On the second day, your journey will continue in the villages of Verkhnie Tavolgi and Nizhnie Tavolgi to see and participate in the magical process of transforming shapeless clay into products of its own production. And now more than 70 people here own pottery craft, which went 300 years ago from the Old Believers. Workshops on casting ceramics in plaster molds, making a ceramic souvenir, working on a potter’s wheel, participating in the search for gems and making a souvenir “The Ural Gem Ring” with their own hands – all this will not leave indifferent neither adults nor children. Or visit the Tray Museum in Nizhny Tagil. The museum exposition is located in an old two-story building that belonged to the family of the Khudoyarov serf artists. Now it is the only museum in Russia dedicated to a unique craft – lacquer painting on metal.

Included in the tour:
excursion service,
master Class

Organizer: Ural Tourist Center “UVA”
+7 (343) 286-19-40, +7 (343) 345-67-05
Website: uva-tour.com

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