Excursions and master classes at folk art enterprises

Commercial offers from folk art and crafts enterprises of the Sverdlovsk region:

  1. LLC “Tavolozhskaya ceramica”, Nevyansky district, village of Upper and Lower Tavolgi – download

The LLC “Tavolozhskaya ceramica” company was established in 2001, combining the production capacities of the then closed Nevyansk plant of artistic ceramics in the Lower Tavolgi village.

In 2003, the Nevyansk ex-plant began to fully operate and produce ceramic products. Subsequently, in order to increase the sustainability of the enterprise, it was decided to combine the production process with tourism.

Two guest houses were built on the territory, the factory office building was converted into a hotel. Tourist trips to the enterprise have gained great popularity, about 20 thousand tourists come here every year. In addition to ceramic excursions, excursions in geology are held, a geological museum is open. Communication with the Ural archaeologists and the All-Russian Geographical Society made it possible to organize an ethnographic route.

2. Individual entrepreneur Vasiliev V.M. «Tagilsky Podnos» (Tagil tray), Nizhny Tagil – download

All products by Individual Entrepreneur Vasilyev Viktor Mikhailovich are sold under two brands or trademarks – Tagil Tray® and Nizhny Tagil Center of Folk Art Crafts®.

The assortment includes trays, souvenirs made of stone and wood, dishes with lacquer painting, magnets and much more.

In 2017, 2019, the Tagil tray ® – became the laureate of the All-Russian contest “100 best goods of Russia” “Products of folk and art crafts” for the long-term and successful preservation of traditional crafts of the peoples of Russia.

In 2018, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation registered samples of trays of the «Tagilsky Podnos» enterprise as products of folk art crafts of recognized artistic merit. In addition, the company is the winner of the regional stage of the festival-contest “Tourism souvenir -“ Big Ural ”- 2018 in the category – souvenir of the region.

Workshop for painting trays, which hosts excursions and master classes is located in Nizhny Tagil.

3. LLC “Forfor Syserty” (Sysert’s Porcelain), Sysert

“Forfor Syserty” is the maintenance of the best Ural traditions in the hand-painting of porcelain, artists and craftsmen create art products from porcelain for everyday use – tea and coffee sets, table sets and individual items, as well as small-scale and single items of decorative purpose – vases, caskets, souvenirs designed to decorate various interiors.

Products with the brand name “Forfor Syserty” are popular in all regions of the country, as well as among foreign guests and collectors of art porcelain.

The tour passes through the foundry of the mass procurement section, then goes to the foundry of the iconostases, the guide tells the history of the plant, production. Visitors see porcelain kilns and a furnace shop (these are old kilns in which product blanks were previously fired), they also visit a picturesque site and then go to the zone where the master class takes place.

A selfie zone with a large coffee pair has recently appeared at the factory with which you can take pictures and leave memories.




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