Ecological route “Forest tales”

The beauty of the Ural nature can be enjoyed at any time of the year. Rest in tents, heavy backpacks, a long tedious road-it’s all in the past.

With the help of a map of the booklet “Forest tales”, a personal car for 2 days you will be able to discover, discover and try new routes and places in the Urals for a healthy holiday.

Feel free to start your journey with a trip to the natural Park “Olen’y ruch’i”, which is located in the amazing beauty of the ancient landscapes of the river valley of the river Serga. During walks in the Park on your own or with the help of a guide You can see and take pictures of many natural monuments, caves, and even feel like an archaeologist, while studying the Parking lot of “ancient man”, whose age is more than 15 thousand years. Of course, everyone who will visit the Park “Olen’y ruch’i” should make a memorable photo with the statue of “Angel of one hope”.

After receiving a deafening portion of fresh air and watching the stunning scenery, feel free to go to the sanatorium “Nizhniye Sergi” for a portion of SPA-procedures.

In continuation of the route you can visit the Museum of local Lore in the city of Mikhailovsk, which is a rich ethnographic collection or make a lane on horseback on the equestrian base “Novaya Yelnya”

In the guide you will find useful information, addresses and phone numbers of hotels where you can stay, cafes where you can dine, along the route.

Download the route map and booklet with useful information “Forest tales”!

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