Ceramics Manufacture


Large reserves of red and china clay in the Middle Urals facilitated the development of pottery and ceramic crafts that have been well-known in this region since the end of the 17th century. The craft has boosted in Nevyansk region, in the villages of Verkhnie Tavolgi and Nizhnie Tavolgi where “Tavolozhskaya Keramika” Ceramics Manufacture carries on producing items with unique emerald glaze made according to the 19th century formula and engobed kitchenware. Moreover, the unparalleled technology of black-glazed ceramics almost lost by the middle of the 20th century has been restored. The manufacture produces crockery, flower and cactus pots, cachepots, vases and ceramic souvenirs. More than 15 new articles is designed and produced every year.

“Tavolozhskaya Keramika” Ceramics Manufacture, Verkhnie Tavolgi village, 20 Sverdlov Street,

+7 (343) 563-92-10




Along with large state manufactures, individual masters work and set up small, often family-run workshops in Nevyansk region. Generations of artists work in many of them. Sergey Maslikov’s workshop in Nizhnie Tavolgi village where he works with his family is an example. The workshop produces traditional Tavolgi dishware and famous Tavolgi souvenirs – ceramic whistles in the shape of birds, cows and horses.

Maslikov’s workshop, Nizhnie Tavolgi village, 37 Kuibyshev Street,

+7 (952) 143-44-49, +7 (912) 614-88-37




The production of decorative ceramics has also been concentrated in the town of Sysert. Family-run manufacturing that provided crockery for all neighbouring villages has been located there since the 19th century. It has later turned into a unique for Ural and Russia manufacture of hand-painted ceramics.

Today, artists of “Farfor Syserty” Porcelain Factory design and manufacture earthenware and porcelain, coffee and tea services, and also limited-edition decorative products such as vases, jewel boxes and souvenirs. In addition, customized items and items for religious uses are created. Technologies have been improved and mechanized but some things remain unchanged – hand plaster mold casting of liquid porcelain mixture and hand underglaze and overglaze brush stroke painting. Sysert porcelain is prized for these hallmarks.

“Farfor Syserty” Porcelain Factory, Sysert, 1 Chapaev Street,

+7 (343) 746-21-35



The manufacture tours include master classes. Please contact the phone numbers above, or consult the web-sites for further information.

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