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The rich deposits of red and white clays in the Middle Urals contributed to the development of the ceramic art industry, known in this area since the end of the 17th century. The craft was particularly developed in the Nevyansk region, in the villages of Verkhny Tavolgi and Nizhny Tavolgi, where the production of ceramics with unique emerald glaze according to the recipe of the 19th century, as well as tableware with engobe painting, continues to be carried out at the «Tavolozhskaya Ceramica» enterprise. Furthermore the unique technology for the production of black-glazed ceramics, almost completely lost in Russia by the middle of the twentieth century, was restored. The company produces tableware, flower pots, cactuses, flower pots, vases, clay souvenirs. More than 15 types of new products are developed and mastered annually.


«Tavolozhskaya Ceramica» LLC, Verkhny Tavolgi village, Sverdlova st., 20

+7 (343) 563-92-10



Along with large centralized industries in the Nevyansk district of the Sverdlovsk region, individual craftsmen also work, small often family workshops are organized, many of which have entire dynasties of potters. One of them is the workshop of Maslikov S.V.  in the village of Nizhny Tavolgi, in which he works with his family. In the workshop they make traditional Tavolgi’s  clay utensils on a potter’s wheel and the famous pennywhistles  in the form of birds, cows and horses.

Maslikov S.V. Individual entrepreneurship, Nizhniye Tavolgi village, Kuibyshev str, 37.

+7 (952) 143-44-49, +7 (912) 614-88-37



The production of art ceramics was also concentrated in the city of Sysert, where from the 19th century there was home ceramic production, which provided all the surrounding villages with various ceramic utensils, and subsequently turned into a unique craft not only for the Urals, but for the whole of Russia for the production of porcelain with hand painted.

Today, craftsmen and artists at the «Farfor Syserty» factory produce table and tea utensils, coffee sets, table sets, as well as small-scale and single items of decorative designation – vases, caskets, souvenirs. Religious and custom-made products are also available. The technological processes of the enterprise were improved and mechanized, but one thing remains unchanged to this day – the manual casting of liquid porcelain in gypsum molds and smear underglaze and overglaze painting, which is applied to each product manually. For this, Sysert porcelain is appreciated.

«Farfor Syserty» LLC, Sysert, Chapaeva st.1

+7 (343) 746-21-35


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To contact the masters and obtain detailed information about the products, you can contact the department of folk art crafts of the Center for the Development of Tourism of the Sverdlovsk Region, tel .: +7 (343) 377-67-10 (116)


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«Tavolozhskaya Ceramica» LLC, Verkhny Tavolgi village (
Maslikov S.V. Individual entrepreneurship, Nizhniye Tavolgi village (
«Farfor Syserty» LLC, Sysert (

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