Art stone carving


In the Urals, artistic stone processing originated in the eighteenth century, and by the end of the century, many private workshops worked throughout the Urals. The raw materials for stone-cutting were local stones (jasper, malachite, agate, quartz, carnelian, rhodonite, marble and others), which were found by local residents during the exploration of new ore deposits.

In 1765, in Ekaterinburg, on the basis of local workshops, the Yekaterinburg Lapidary Factory was created, which at the same time was a center for stone cutting, an industrial complex for the extraction and processing of colored stone, and a vocational school for many generations of craftsmen.

Since the beginning of the 19th century, product compositions have become more complicated: the color palette is becoming richer and the motives are more diverse, which necessitates a more diverse raw material, a three-dimensional mosaic technique appears – gem stone painting (still lifes).

The works of the 20th century acquire an author’s individuality: unlike the masters of past centuries, the master was free to choose the material and the method of its processing. Compositions are becoming more concise: as a rule, one type of vegetation is used, time-consuming operations are also excluded, moreover, details more often began to be cut out of a whole stone.

The active revival of the art of stone carving began in the Urals in the second half of the 80s of the XX century. In Ekaterinburg, a whole generation of talented craftsmen who professionally worked with solid colored stone has formed – Anatoly Zhukov, Dmitry Emelyanenko, Alexander Leverov. Large workshops with their own production facilities were established (Ural Stone-Cutting Workshop named after Ilya Borovikov, Ekaterinburg Stone-Cutting Workshop of Alexei Antonov).

By the mid-2000s, a stone-cutting school was fully formed in the Urals, which has its own characteristics and priorities.

And today, products from Ural minerals are produced by individual craftsmen, creative associations and organizations of the Sverdlovsk region.

In March 1992, in the village of Neivo-Shaitansky, Suvenir LLP was founded, which has existed since 1995 as Ural Souvenir LLC. The main assortment of the enterprise is women’s jewelry, traditional for the Urals, with a variable combination of elongated prisms and balls made of ornamental stones: jasper, chalcedony, rhodonite, obsidian, jade.


To contact the masters and obtain detailed information about the products, you can contact the department of folk art “Tourism Development Center of the Sverdlovsk Region”
+7 (343) 377-67-10 (116).

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