VIII International Scything Tournament

Due to its authenticity the event attracts participants not only from different Russian regions, but also from European countries. Visitors will see the way of life in village homesteads, taste dishes of Ural national cuisine, buy scythes produced in Arti plant and popular craftwork goods from all over the Ural region. Mowing and scythe hammering workshops are scheduled throughout the festival. Little guests will enjoy traditional amusements at the children’s playground of the festival. The main attraction here is field scything competitions in traditional costumes, where participants put their speed, endurance and skill to test.

50, Korolyova St., Arti village, Sverdlovsk Region

173 km from Ekaterinburg by E22/R242 highway

Southern Bus Station – routes No. 660, 842, 845, 846, 931, 1036, 1049 Ekaterinburg–Arti

Arti Plant,

+7 (343) 912-15-60

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