In the Sverdlovsk region develop tourist routes for pilgrims

The tourist catalog, telling about the shrines of the Sverdlovsk region, prepared by the Center for Tourism Development of the region for those who are interested in pilgrim tourism. It combines seven author’s tourist routes to the holy places of the Middle Urals. Pilgrimage routes pass through Ekaterinburg, Alapayevsk, Verkhoturye, and also Pervouralsk, Polevskoy, Nevyansk. Travel is designed for both trained tourists and beginners. Some of them may be interesting as family vacation options. In addition to maps and descriptions of routes, the catalog contains useful information about the monasteries and temples of the region, as well as accommodation and catering facilities. In addition, there are events that can attract visitors from other regions, such as the bell ringing festival in Kamensk-Uralsky, Verkhoturskaya Christmas Fair, festival of Lenten cuisine and others. Information in the publication is duplicated in English. The catalog can be obtained at the information desks of the Tourism Development Center of the Sverdlovsk Region, and in electronic form – download on the main tourist portal of the Middle Urals.

Portal Verkhoturye – spiritial center of Urals verhoturie.info.
Download the catalogue pilgrimage routes of Sverdlovsk Region.

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