Ural Ultra Trail 2019

Ural Ultra-trail 2019 is the first linear mountain ultra-marathon in Ural. The race has been held in the form of a linear trail race in the mountains since 2016. There are three staggered field starts and a mass finish in Ekaterinburg. The distance runs along the mountain trails and roads of various terrain. The route goes through the most scenic places of the Middle Urals:

the Three Sisters Rocks, the Seven Brothers Rocks, the Devil’s Mound, the Petrogrom Rocks (the Rocks of Pyotr Gronsky), lakes Tavatuy and Isetskoye, the Stozhok and the Motaikha Mountain tops. And this race provides a wonderful opportunity to see everything with your own eyes.

Sports Club «TransUral»
AVS Hotel, 1a, Respublikanskaya St., Ekaterinburg, Sverdlovsk Region
+7 (922) 142-17-76

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