Ural Moroz Birthday

There is a month left until the New Year coming, but already want to feel its festive mood? This is a great reason to go to «Park Skazov» and congratulate the Ural  Ded Moroz with his birthday! The main winter wizard of the Urals traveled around the region for a long time searching of a place to build his residence. The choice fell on «Park Skazov», since then it is a place of magic and celebration!

The program includes: traditional winter games from Ural Moroz, quest «Journey through the Winter Kingdom», relay races, photo-autograph session with winter wizards, interactive fairy tale «Winter in the Park Skazov», Ural Moroz gift contest.

Sverdlovsk region, pos. Aramil, «Park Skazov», st. Skazov Park, 1
28 km from Ekaterinburg along the Koltsovsky tract
Route Ekaterinburg – Aramil No. 170, 113, 182
Ekaterinburg – Kamensk-Uralsky Suburban electric train

Park Skazov, parkskazov.ru
+7 (343) 372-06-03

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