Excursion educational tours “Ural for school”

Sverdlovsk region has a high tourism potential. On its territory unique natural and recreational resources, objects of national, world cultural and historical heritage are concentrated.

Since 2014, the Tourism Development Center of the Sverdlovsk Region, with the support of the Ministry of Investment and Development of the Sverdlovsk Region, has been implementing a comprehensive project in the field of youth and educational tourism “Ural for School”. The aim of the project is the development of safe children’s tourism in the region.

66 educational routes are based on the content of the educational standard and curriculum programs, divided into classes (from 1 to 11 classes) and according to the seasons (autumn, winter, spring).

Each sightseeing educational route includes the main attractions of the territories, and allows you to fully get acquainted with the features (specifics) of the Sverdlovsk region and with all its diversity in accordance with the main general educational programs in the municipal educational organizations of the Sverdlovsk region.

– Catalog – an illustrated advertising booklet containing brief information about each of 66 routes for their promotion by tourism professionals.

– Teaching materials are complete and sufficient for the route, as they include: a list of services provided to tourists, a list and description of objects of display taking into account the educational program, a list of leisure activities designed to consolidate information, collective accommodation facilities, catering facilities , and much more.

– Workbooks are colorful illustrated albums containing various creative tasks, puzzles and puzzles for independent work of students of the corresponding class, designed in accordance with the age characteristics of children.

Catalog of tour routes crt.gotoural.com/posts/786
More about the project, participation in the project crt.gotoural.com/posts/772

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