The “Red Line of Ekaterinburg” walking tourist route

Tourist routes in the Sverdlovsk Region

The “Red Line of Ekaterinburg” walking tourist route

Ekaterinburg has a unique tourist walking route, the Red Line, that includes 35 places of interest: monuments, merchants’ estates, streets and squares. All places of interest are connected by a red marking on the asphalt and depict the history of the city’s development through architectural monuments and modern buildings.

The route is a closed loop with a total length of 6.5 km and duration of 2.5 hours, starting from the Tatishchev and de Gennin monument. Among the sites along the route, there are legendary mansions and interesting museums, creative monuments and lively streets, the oldest building in Ekaterinburg and kilometer zero, which indicates the distance from the state capital. You can learn about the sites yourself with audio guides in Russian and English or as a part of a tour group.

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The “Go for Treasure to the Urals!” tourist bus route

The Sverdlovsk region is a treasure trove of precious and semi-precious stones, metals, and rare minerals. Many folk handicrafts and jewelry production originate here. It was here, in the Urals, that the first Russian platinum and gold were found.

The tour route will introduce you to a variety of collections by Ural masters. Participants will visit the Ural Geological Museum of the Ural State Mining University, where they can get acquainted with the richest collection of minerals of the gold deposit. The second portion of the route proceeds through the city of Beryozovsky (18 km outside of Ekaterinburg), the operational centre of gold mining in the Urals. More than five thousand pieces, many of which are unique, are on exhibit in the Beryozovsky Museum.

Visitors are astonished by the simple, primitive tools used by Russian gold miners and prospectors at the beginning of the early 19th century, when the first lode and alluvial gold was found. Finds made in the areas around Ekaterinburg led to the discovery of gold deposits in the Southern Urals and legend has it they were the cause of the California gold rush.

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The “Tsar Route” tourist bus route

Ekaterinburg is the city that keeps the memory of the Holy Royal Martyrs, as well as their faithful servants and followers, who shared their tragic fate. As a part of the itinerary, you will visit the Romanovs’ hall of remembrance and the Church on the Blood, Ekaterinburg’s largest church, built on the site of the engineer Nikolay Ipatiev’s demolished home.

You will take a trip to the area of Ganina Yama, where the remains of the last Russian Emperor and his family were brought on July 17th, 1918. After the Russian Orthodox Church canonized Nicholas II in 2000, it was decided to establish a monastery on Ganina Yama in honor of the Holy Royal Martyrs. The monastery consists of seven churches for the number of members of the Royal Family.
Today, Ganina Yama is one of the most visited pilgrimage sites, where pilgrims and tourists come from all over the world throughout the year. The tour ends at the “Holy Quarter”, where you can visit the Tsar spiritual and educational centre which houses the Museum of the Holy Royal Family, the Derzhavnaya Library and the Saint Nicholas Church.

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4. Sightseeing bus route with Military Museum UMMC and the border between Europe and Asia

Duration 5 hours

The Military Museum UMMC is considered to be one of the largest Russian exhibition grounds of military-technical profile. For 10 years, the Museum has collected more than 200 units of military equipment, unique collections of domestic awards, military regalia, weight and size models of firearms, as well as uniforms, equipment, insignia of the Russian armed forces from the XVIII century to the present day.

Today, the exposition of the open area of the Museum occupies more than 5.8 hectares, and the area of the exhibition center, including an interactive class, is more than 7000 m2. Over the years, the Military Museum UMMC has become one of the most popular historical and cultural centers of the Ural region.

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The “Gastronomic Mile” walking tourist route

Ekaterinburg is one of the culinary centres of the Urals, where tourists can get acquainted with international cuisine on the Gastronomic Mile walking tourist route. The itinerary includes a bar, a pub and a restaurant with a specially designed tasting menu. Participants will visit one of the oldest fine dining restaurants in Ekaterinburg to try the hors-d’oeuvres, learn about the culinary traditions of the Urals in one of the gastropubs, and get to know interesting historical sites in Ekaterinburg. The tour ends with a hearty lunch in one of the city’s bars.


Tour bookings: Tourism Developmant Centre of Sverdlovsk Region by phone +7 (343) 350-05-25

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