St. Nicholas Fair

At the revived St. Nicholas Fair town residents will plunge into a winter fairy tale, buy presents and feel the New Year’s spirit. Among the highlights of the fair there is: Fathers Frost Tournament, Snow Maidens’ Ball, rap-battle “Rap by the Festive Tree”, Cossack Culture Festival, Husky dogs flash mob, charity campaigns and auctions.

Craftsmen from Krasnoufimsk, Krasnoufimsk, Arti and Achit Districts, and Kungur take part in the fair.

Museum Square, 42, Sovetskaya St., Krasnoufimsk, Sverdlovsk Region
199 km from Ekaterinburg by E22/R242 highway
Southern Bus Station – routes No. 679a, 679g Ekaterinburg–Krasnoufimsk
Northern Bus Station – routes No. 679b, 875 Ekaterinburg–Krasnoufimsk

Krasnoufimsk Local History Museum

+7 (343) 945-11-31

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