Yeltsin Center (Boris Yeltsin Presidential Center)

One of the main sites of the center is the Boris Yeltsin Museum, dedicated to the contemporary political history of Russia and the personality of the first Russian president. The museum opened on November 25, 2015. A team of Russian archivists, historians, journalists and multimedia content specialists worked on the exhibition.
The exhibition includes nine halls based on the “7 days” principle, where each day is associated with a turning point in the history of the country. It opens with the “Labyrinth” – a hall dedicated to the history of the Yeltsin family against the background of the tumultuous events of the 20th century. Then follows a complex of halls under the general title “Seven days that changed Russia” – they tell about the first president of Russia and his era. The culmination of the exhibition is the Hall of Freedom, a platform for an open discussion about civil rights and freedoms in new Russia. Apart from the museum in Yeltsin Center, you can also visit the art gallery, watch documentary films, buy books, drink coffee, i.e. spend the whole day there with your whole family. The Center’s venues regularly hold lectures, concerts, exhibitions, festivals and various social events.

3, Boris Yeltsin St., Yekaterinburg
+7 (343) 312-43-43
+7 (909) 006-70-70 (excursion reservation)

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