Running Festival “Deer Streams”

Deer Streams Half Marathon is a competition and at the same time a pleasurable pastime.

The route of the Deer Streams Half Marathon is unique. The particular advantage of this half marathon is the local flora – runners can explore the most beautiful places, not accessible to ordinary people.

On the first day there will be a 44 km marathon – the Valley of Arkaevo Caves marathon, a 6 km race on a smaller route around the Nature park “Deer Streams” and a running enthusiasts rally. On the second day participants of the festival will run a 21 km half marathon. The route runs on field tracks, forest roads and trails, rugged terrain: tree felling territories, swamp territories and fords.

Bazhukovo village, Sverdlovsk Region

120 km from Ekaterinburg by Moscow highway
Southern Bus Station – routes No. 660К, 660Э, 660С, 1036К Ekaterinburg–Mikhaylovsk (Ekaterinburg–Arti)
To Bus Stop “Povorot na Olenyi Ruchyi” (turn to “Deer Streams”). Then walk 2 km to the park entrance.
Train Druzhinino–Mikhaylovskiy Zavod

Deer Streams Nature Park,

+7 (904) 172-55-65

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