Regional Traditional Culture and Sports Festival “Sabantuy”

Sabantuy is a holiday of the Bashkir and Tatar peoples dedicated to harvesting. It is aimed at demonstration of the Bashkir and Tatar peoples’ strength and agility and promotion of healthy life style. The programme of the Festival includes: festivities for town residents and guests, a festive concert, national songs and dances, fun contests and sports competitions.

1, Karl Marx St., Kadnikovo village, Sverdlovsk Region

50 km from Ekaterinburg by Ural/M5 highway

Southern Bus Station – routes No. 160, 130 Ekaterinburg–Sysert

+7 (343) 360-55-52


Revda, +7 (343) 973-47-64
Kamensk-Uralskiy +7 (343) 932-28-99
Polevskoy +7 (343) 505-99-79
Artinskiy +7 (343) 912-11-39

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