Opening of rafting season on the Chusovaya river

This is an eventful theatrical holiday for all outdoor enthusiasts and local history lovers. Guests are taken back to Ural of the XVIII century, when breaking-up on the Chusovaya River and sending of barge convoys on a long and tough journey through high water were always conducted in a festive atmosphere: everybody, big and small, put on their best clothes and came to the pier, prayer service was held and when a bell or a cannon went off, the barges pulled off from the pier. You can combine participation in the festivities with a rafting tour down the Chusovaya River. The route from Ust-Utka to Yokva takes not more than four hours and is designed to suit a broad tourist audience.

Demidovskiy pier, Ust-Utka village, Sverdlovsk Region

210 km from Ekaterinburg by R352 highway
Northern Bus Station – routes No. 6449, 7063 Ekaterinburg–Nizhny Tagil
Nizhny Tagil–Ust-Utka No. 595

River Chusovaya Nature park

+7 (343) 541-67-96

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