Open Road Cycling Race «Wheel of the Urals»

Karpinsk gathers the best cyclists again. They are to test their endurance and strength, feel the real thrill of the competition.
The race track runs on «Karpinsk–Kytlym settlement» road, and the distance exceeds 25 km.
A new 5 km race will be launched for the youngest cyclists (boys and girls, born in 2004-2005, and younger) and women of 50–59 years old.

Karpinsk Administration
«Karpinsk–Kytlym settlement» road, Karpinsk, Sverdlovsk Region
393 km from Ekaterinburg by highway R352 via Karpinsk
Southern Bus Station – Ekaterinburg-Karpinsk route Buses, going in the directions of Volchansk, Pelym, Severouralsk, Krasnoturyinsk. From Karpinsk take bus No. 105.
Train No. 337E Ekaterinburg-Serov

+7 (343) 832-20-30

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