Mountain Marathon “Konzhak”

This marathon attracts the most audience in Russia due to the unique landscape and extreme conditions of the ascend to the highest point of the route.

The first half of the route (21 km) ends with an ascend to the highest point of Sverdlovsk Region – Mount Konzhakovskiy Kamen (1,569 m above the sea level). The rest of the distance is a return trip on the same route.


The 50th km of Karpinsk-Kytlym road, Karpinsk, Sverdlovsk Region

393 km from Ekaterinburg by highway R352 via Karpinsk
Northern Bus Station – routes No. 509d, 509a Ekaterinburg–Karpinsk

Karpinsk Administration

+7 (343) 832-20-30

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