Motorсulture Custom Forum and Festival “The Wheel of History”

Already traditional festival “The Wheel of History” opens up to everyone, who is interested in the history of motorcycles. This is a special and friendly world, where you can find like-minded fellows. Here retro machines are not only collectible pieces but also cultural and historical heritage assets. There will be enough space and sights for everyone – the exposition will be open during the whole month.

2, Proletariatskaya St., Irbit, Sverdlovsk Region
199 km from Ekaterinburg by R351 highway
Southern Bus Station – routes No. 733, 876, 1047, 1053 Ekaterinburg–Irbit
Train No. 610E Ekaterinburg–Ustye-Akha

Motorbike Culture Centre, 

+7 (343) 556-49-44

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