Marble Mile Festival dedicated to Stepan Erzia

Stepan Erzia is an outstanding sculptor of the XX century, who made a great contribution to the world art. Festival guests will be able to take part in workshops in metal and concrete crafts, attend a conference dedicated to urban environment transformation and stone-cutting art. In one month, sculptors will create objets d’art from marble, concrete and pipes. They will be presented to the public at the opening of Marble Mile Festival.

20a, 40 Let Oktyabya St., Mramorskoye village, Sverdlovsk Region

63 km from Ekaterinburg by highway R355

Southern Bus Station – route No. 145 Ekaterinburg–Polevskoy, then route No. 104 Polevskoy–Mramornoye

Social Initiative Foundation, мраморнаямиля.рф

+7 (904) 388-82-88
+7 (903) 085-55-02

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