International Festival of Cossack Culture “Cossacks of the Urals”

On 6th and 7th of July “Aramilskaya Sloboda” park will host the International Festival of Cossack Culture “Cossacks of the Urals”. It aims at the cooperation of Cossack associations so that together they could revive the Cossack heritage, raise the citizens’ national spirit and create authentic cultural environment, which will allow visitors to immerse in customs and traditions of Russian Cossacks.

This large-scale open air event with unique activities suitable for versatile groups of visitors will take place in Aramil district for the first time. The festival offers to its guests discussions on the Cossack society revival and its conduct, theme lectures, Cossack dance and folk-dance performances, a Cossack fair, Ural and Cossack cuisine festival, Cossack games, craft master classes for children and adults, an entertainment show for children of 3-12 and a contest.

Venue: “Aramilskaya Sloboda” park, Proletarskaya street, 82Б, Aramil

+7 (912) 215-49-68

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