III Ethnographic Festival «Tagil Kaleidoscope»

Ethnographic Festival «Tagil Kaleidoscope» gathers representatives of 10 different peoples, living in Ural and other parts of Russia, in one place.

Representatives of national civic organizations and associations, educational institutions, dance studios and choirs are featured on the concert programme. There are children’s, family and sports areas, where the traditions of different nations are showcased. There is also a crafts fair.

Tourism Development Centre of Nizhny Tagil
Lisya Gora Nature and Landscape Park
1a, Lisogorskaya St., Nizhny Tagil, Sverdlovsk Region
141 km from Ekaterinburg by R352 highway
Northern Bus Station – routes No. 610b, 640a, 640b, 640e, 708 Ekaterinburg-Nizhniy Tagil
Train No. 6449, 7063 Ekaterinburg-Nizhniy Tagil
+7 (3435) 42-11-18

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