Sighthound Racing “Golden Hare” Cup Russian Championship, CACL

The international championship in greyhounds for the mechanical hare is a special festive event of the Ural Coastal Club. Dynamic and spectacular competition allows dogs to win a well-deserved world award. Attending a run is a great view of family leisure, and interacting with trained, intelligent and well-educated dogs gives a whole range of positive emotions.

Sverdlovsk region, with. Mountain Shield, Kinodrom “Mountain Shield”

70 km from Yekaterinburg along the Polevsky road to the village of Gorny Shchit. From the entrance to the village, the third turn to the right, further straight to the barrier.

Yekaterinburg-Mountain Shield No. 11 (from the Yuzhnaya stop)

Fans of greyhounds “Ural running club”

+7 (343) 374-25-01

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