Ethnographic Festival «Tagil Kaleidoscope»

The ethnographic festival “Tagil Kaleidoscope” will be held September, 2020 from 13 to 16 hours in the territory of the park “People”. The festival will feature cultures of different nationalities of Russia and the world.

As part of the festival, the following venues will be organized:
1. Concert and entertainment program. Performances of national groups, performance of national songs and dances.
2. Gastronomic area.
3. National sites. Representation of cultural potential and national costumes. Photozone “National costume”.
4. Fair of decorative and folk crafts “National souvenir”.
5. Flashmob “World of different cultures.”
6. Sports playgrounds “National Fun”.

Tourism Development Center of Nizhny Tagil
+7 (3435) 42-11-18

141 km from Ekaterinburg along the Serov highway
CA Ekaterinburg – Nizhny Tagil No. 610, 640a, 708
Train Ekaterinburg – Nizhny Tagil

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