Day of Ural Folk Tales

You can spend the birthday of a great Ural writer Pavel Bazhov among the characters of his tales. You will get a chance to undergo all tests set by the Mistress of the Copper Mountain and find the way out of her cave without getting lost in its labyrinths; visit Danila the Craftsman’s house, explore the collection of minerals and take part in a puppet show. You will get to know new characters and find yourself in the magical atmosphere of Ural folklore.

Park Skazov, 1, Park Skazov St., Aramil, Sverdlovsk Region
28 km from Ekaterinburg
Southern bus terminal – routes No.170, 113, 182 Ekaterinburg – Aramil
Train Ekaterinburg – Kamensk-Uralskiy
Park Skazov,
+7 (343) 372-06-03

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