Honouring Day of Nevyansk Leaning Tower

This is an annual festival dedicated to the amazing Demidov’s Leaning Tower, which gets even more interesting to its guests from year to year.

During the Tower Day celebration there are a lot of museum events, held on the territory of the History and Architecture Complex: historical interactive programmes and workshops, exhibitions, “Gifts for the Nevyansk Museum” campaign, Nevyansk Fair, a stage performance in costumes and a concert programme with guest stars. At the end of the festival there is a fireworks show and other surprises.

3a, Demidovykh Garden Square, Nevyansk, Sverdlovsk Region

88 km from Ekaterinburg by R352 highway
Northern Bus Station – routes No. 640, 686 Ekaterinburg–Nevyansk
Train Ekaterinburg–Nizhny Tagil (to Nevyansk)

Nevyansk State History and Architecture Museum, невьянскиймузей.рф

+7 (343) 564-45-09

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