Cross-Country Bike-A-Thon “Belaya Gorka”

Cross-country is one of the mountain bike sport disciplines. The cross-country race includes downhill runs, long ascending grades, speed and technical sections. The route has both natural and artificial obstacles. It runs in very picturesque places of Irbit District. The marathon is named after the local landmark. Belaya Gorka is a high bank of the Irbit River near Rechkalova village. This event traditionally attracts sports enthusiasts from Sverdlovsk, Tymen and Chelyabinsk regions.

Kirillova village, Sverdlovsk Region

199 km from Ekaterinburg by R351 highway
Southern Bus Station – routes No. 733, 876, 1047, 1053 Ekaterinburg–Irbit
Train No. 610E Ekaterinburg–Ustye-Akha


+7 (343) 556-49-44

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