Cossack Culture Festival The Cossack Savior on Nevyansk Land

Participants and guests of the The Cossack Savior on Nevyansk Land will get into the atmosphere of a holiday and cossack celebration. The stage will be full with national songs. Traditional cossack costumes, games, amusements, and challenges will be exciting to adults and children. The event will also feature a concert, weapons exhibition, and field kitchen. Everyone will be able to test what they can do in sports competitions, saber rod slicing, whip striking, and archery.

Nevyansk State History and Architecture Museum
+7 (34356) 4-45-09

3 Skver Demidovykh Street
88 km from Ekaterinburg (Serov Highway)
North Bus Station: Ekaterinburg — Nevyansk No. 640, 686
Electric multiple unit: Ekaterinburg – Nizhny Tagil


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