Constructivism Days in the Urals

Constructivism Days in the Urals is an annual project that includes an exhibition and an eventful programme. It is aimed at promotion of the constructivism heritage of Ekaterinburg (former Sverdlovsk). The programme of the project includes: a flagship exhibition, lectures and authorial excursions. The exhibition will showcase the city development master plans, buildings of governing bodies and residential complexes of the power elites. The exhibition project of 2019 will answer the question: how did constructivism transform the architecture of authorities and loci of power in the age of Industrialization and after it?

Boris Yeltsin Presidential Centre Foundation, 3, Borisa Yeltsina St., Ekaterinburg, Sverdlovsk Region

Metro Station “Dynamo”, “Square of 1905”

Bus Stop “Yeltsina”

Yeltsin Centre,

+7 (343) 312-43-43

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